Last Call


“The effect of the successful adventure of the hero is the unlocking and release again of the flow of life into the body of the world. The miracle of this flow may be represented in physical terms as a circulation of food substance, dynamically as a streaming of energy, or spiritually as a manifestation of grace.” JC

There was a reason that Luke Skywalker’s adventure starts out in a bar; a reason that Frodo and his friends begin at the Brandywine Inn; This is the place where you get your first taste of fear and the last call to adventure. I wouldn’t say no if I were you –

Last Call


Ice cubes 4
Brandy -1 part
Port -3 parts

1) Chill a martini glass.
2) In a glass jug, add the ice.
3) Add in the brandy and port.
4) Briskly stir and strain and pour into the martini glass.
5) Garnish rim of glass with twisted lemon rind and serve.


“She is the image of his destiny which he is to release from the prison of enveloping circumstances. But where he is ignorant of his destiny, or deluded by false considerations, no effort on his part will overcome the obstacles.”


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