Eating in the Americas: Fusion

Although it is not unique to the Americas, nor were we the pioneers of it, American food is, buy it’s very nature, fusion cuisine. When you think of fusion cuisine, you might think of Tex-Mex, California Cuisine or some sort of Asian-Pacific-West Coast dish. I grew up with fusion food, or Americanized Korean. It was Kim’s way of dumbing things down a bit when I was younger so I would eat.

Fusion cuisine started way back: Kaeng phet pet yang (Thai roast duck curry) is an example of early fusion cuisine of the cosmopolitan court of the Ayutthaya Kingdom (1350 CE to 1767 CE) combining Thai red curry, Chinese roast duck and grapes originally from Persia. – wikipedia

We think of fusion as mainly cosmopolitan and fancy, but in truth, fusion happens anywhere people are poor, hungry or immigrants. Often it is more of a kind of frontier cuisine that heavily reflects the socio-economic and political currents of the day. On the Pacific Coast fusion often consists of classic working class East Coast food combined with the Asian influence of war refugees from Vietnam and Korean wives of service men. If you have never tried it, Spaghetti with Kimchee is pretty damn good. And although Native American food is not well preserved, ingredients like Salmon, Clams and Oysters have found their way into fusion cuisine. A perfect example is Xhin’s Korean BBQ Oysters.

As places and people become more comfortable with foreign ingredients, fusion begins to take on more creative forms as it has in the US. I imagine this is how many a famous romance began – with mutual food admiration.

“Hey, I like your melons-“

“Thanks. That is one of the nicest Sausages I have ever seen.”

One of my all time favorites Fusion Restaurants is called Samurai Blue Sushi in Ybor City, Florida that combined Sushi rolls with traditional spicy Cuban sauces. Other examples are up and coming in Oly, riding the wave of the local food movement. One of the most interesting is called Tamale Fusion. For you single mothers, or for someone just looking for a healthy lunch you can heat and eat, the math is not hard: $32 a dozen equals $2.66 each, delivered to your door.


Devon McCabe and Melanie Gary creators of Tamale Fusion.

Tamale Fusion is a food experience born of the combined efforts of Devon McCabe and Melanie Gary, and of their shared love for flavor. We offer tamales to be delivered to your home, by the dozen, as well as for special events and catering. For the latter two we also on occasion offer tamale pastels, a deep dish of baked, layered tamale cake, as well as an assortment of delicious sides. 

Our tamales are made from organic blue corn masa, organic Moroccan olive oil, are filled with quality ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible, and come in both vegetarian and vegan options as well as meat. We put A LOT of love into our flavors, as our customers can tell you! 

We offer a wide range of recipes that include such tamales as Pork with Pineapple and Green Chilies, Fried Plantain with Vegan Caramel Sauce, Chicken Mole, Sweet Potato with Green Chilies, Roasted Pineapple with Raisins and a Riesling Reduction Sauce, Jalapeno and Cheese and Ethiopian Lentil to name just a few. So you can see how it is that we’re fusion food! Our menu changes weekly and new recipes are being invented all the time.

If you would like a dozen or more tamales delivered to your door and you live in the Olympia area, then check our posts for the latest, up-to-date menu. We can deliver them freshly rolled and then frozen, pre-steamed, for you freezer. This way they are as fresh as possible upon the first steaming. If you would like them delivered steamed and ready to eat for your event or just for dinner, then we should need at least 2 days’ notice to accommodate. But if you are in a pinch then go ahead and ask and we can try!

We look forward to feeding you!

Non-meat tamales – $28 per dozen

Tamales with meat – $34 per dozen

We deliver a dozen or more locally with a $4 delivery fee.  Phone: (888) 801-0315


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