Blogger Held Hostage By Grumbly Internal Organs

Someone has better explanation for why my Wordless Wednesday post went out on Thursday. I was clearly thinking more about my stomach than the publishing time on my post. Enjoy.

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

sickPolice in Brewer this morning responded to a tense hostage situation at The House on the Hill, home of Maine’s beloved Modern Philosopher.  First hand reports indicate that the blogger has been held captive by his internal organs since approximately 2:30am when they viciously roused him from a deep sleep with an attack that included sharp abdominal pains, odd gurgling noises, and an overall sense of nausea.

No word yet on the organs’ demands, but the Man in the Toga has called out sick from work, and is making sure that he’s never more than several strides away from one of the house’s bathrooms.

How did such a horrible thing happen to such a wonderful person?  Let’s come up with some theories, which should be rather creative seeing as how I haven’t gotten any sleep and my mind really cannot focus.

popcorn1. We are moving to a new location at…

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