Love, Lies and Literature

I said I would do something and I didn’t. Shame on me.

One of my favorite writers, David Wallace Fleming, sent me an email about a book giveaway he was hosting on to promote his books. I said I would pass the word. Apparently I lied. Well, I didn’t actually lie; I failed. The last day of the giveaway was yesterday.

I know I go on and on about honesty, about the value of failure, about “doing” things rather than just thinking about them, about friendship and kindness. I have even gone so far as to quote a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show who said that there are three parts to an apology – To admit your were wrong, to say you are sorry and to ask what you can do to make it right.

So, today, I’m not going to lecture, or offer my friends up as examples. I’m not going to critique the social pressures that compounded my forgetfulness in this matter. I’m not going to use cooking as a metaphor. I’m going to stand virtually naked before you and do it my damn self – I’m going to make a proper apology.

David, I made a mistake. Dude, I’m sorry. I hope this helps make it right.

(I’ll take my cues from NPR)

Good morning and thanks for joining us for our Spring reparation drive. Friends, today you can donate to this apology and for just $2.99 you can feel good about contributing to a worthy atonement.  Ask yourself, what can you really get of value for that price? That’s right, folks, you can purchase your own little piece of integrity for just $2.99, less than a cup of coffee. Look around, check out the Bible, Scientology, or Greenpeace and you will see that virtue is rarely cheap. Remember, OlyEats brings you thought provoking material, interviews, recipes and more. If our content brings value to your lives please visit Amazon today and for just $2.99 you can get a digital copy of one of David’s wonderful books. Ordering is quick, easy and it will be delivered by whispernet right to your Kindle. If you click right now you may be  be selected at random to receive our grand prize – David’s voice on your home answering machine. (Ok,  maybe not.)

Readers, help me make this apology right.

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Modern Manhood—it’s a subject that needs to be addressed in earnest by someone, I suppose, eventually… 

What’s it mean to be a man in times when most employment consists of clicking a mouse and making a PowerPoint? (Nobody really knows anymore). Trust me. I’ve looked. I’ve read. I’ve asked around the usual places. 

There are people who can give a biblical interpretation; there are people who can give a biological interpretation; there are people who can give an interpretation based upon historical inequality. But if you’ve ever asked yourself, “Am I there yet? Is this it?” or “Wasn’t there supposed to be a boom—some luminous flash of light…” chances are you live in the United States, are between 18 and 40, and male. 

Ah, the hopeless, pathetic, forgotten male—is he a relic, an anachronism, a vestigial bundle or excessive upper-body strength no longer needed in an era of unmanned attack drones, seven adjective lattes and dual income families? Was Beyonce right? Do girls run the world? To answer all these questions and more, we must do what men do best: Get our bearings. Not just in space—but in time.  –



Satirical stories exploring modern themes of technology and relationships. Internet lawlessness, smartphone love triangles, zombie video gamers, gender role ambivalence and the demise of television – these changes infuse our existence. Borrowing from science fiction, fantasy and magic realism, the collected stories of Not from Concentrate take these contemporary quandaries head-on!

images (7)

Short stories blending science fiction, fantasy and satire. Fourteen stories that refuse to be pigeon-holed. From the edges of the known universe, to the microscopic limits of a petri dish, to a yuppie’s post-apocalyptic bachelor pad, be prepared to imagine new worlds and new ideas.


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