Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

I missed one point on a class assignment recently for not adding enough source material. The question was on my opinion. My friend suggested it, and my previous professor does it, and maybe I should have joined the band wagon: I should have quoted myself as a scholarly source. You see it didn’t matter that I read all the extra work and notated it properly. It didn’t matter that I gave sources in written responses to my class mates. It didn’t matter that I critically analyzed the very concept of consciousness. No points for thinking.

People love to discuss what is wrong with society, the economic system, politics, education, religion and gender relations. They love to debate philosophy and policy. But I really only see one thing wrong. One thing that these all have in common – people don’t think for themselves. Does’t anyone know how to ask a question? We are a nation of under-educated fools, spewing out bullshit rhetoric because someone told us it was important.

Why don’t you ask? Oh, because asking showcases your tawdry education like a whore in a window in Amsterdam? Asking might make you look incompetent, you say? Asking is for children and answers are for adults. Right?

Let me ask you this? Do you really think that the statement “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is a valid argument for maintaining our pitiful lack of gun control? Have you ever stopped to consider that just perhaps this isn’t even on topic. The real issue are economic disparity, prejudice, a shoddy and elitist education system and a sorry excuse for mental heath in this country. But no one seems willing to stop and ask – why do people kill people?

Learning is not just about showing off what you think you know. You may know a lot, but in the greater scheme of things, you don’t know shit. Neither do I.




L.D. from the movie Bullworth: Man, y’all don’t give a fuck about it. You greedy-ass politicians. That’s what you tell me every time that y’all vote to cut them school programs; every time y’all vote to cut them funds to the job programs. What the fuck; how a… how a young man gonna take care of his financial responsibilities workin’ at motherfuckin’ Burger King? He ain’t. He ain’t, and please don’t even start with the school shit. They ain’t no education goin’ on up in that motherfucker.

We are reduced to asking others what we are. We never dare to ask ourselves. – Jean-Jacques Rousseau


I have a nice recipe for the Avocado Crema over Shrimp Toastadas with Voskos Greek Yogurt below, but if you want it, you are going to have to ask for it.



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