Instant Karma

It’s a good day. I won’t go into too many sordid details, but let’s just say it involves my ex husband and the woman he was sleeping with while we were married.

I could A) invite her over for one of these cocktails;

or B) hope that my trip to somewhere uber-cool like to Iceland or Malta or the Amazon with my son, in celebration of my completion of my Master’s degree, coincides with their pending divorce.

Yeah. I think B.


In a Collins glass

6 oz. Rum
6 oz. Mountain Dew
1 dash Coca Cola

How to make a Instant Karma
Pour half a glass of Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum and half Mountain Dew. Add a dash of Coke for color. Serve on ice. If you are ever in Monroe Michigan, stop by North Cape Yacht Club and order one of the originals.

Recommended glass – Collins Glass


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