The Breeding Season

Don’t worry loyal readers, we will get back to the Silk Route on the next post. This stuff takes real research, not just my not-so-humble-opinion. In the mean time, it’s coming up on February – Birthday month and the coupe de gras of breeding season.

I have been collecting cake recipes and I thought I would give you all a virtual birthday cake this year. Remember friends, these are Michelle Obama approved, virtually gluten-free, calorie-free, sugar-free and I’m sure you can imagine how delicious they would be.

Here is the Birthday List: Brent, Beckie, Daire, my dad, my stepdad, my brother, Suraj, Luv, Mike Cobb and Anurag and Sharanya (all three missed Feb by just a few days), Mike Meyers, Larry, Amy, Sharon, Ethan, Jodi, Kris, and Shefali.

For Beckie, Brent and Daire – BB, I know it sometimes sucks to share your birthday with both your brother and your daughter, but I thought it would be easier if I made you each your own Chocolate Hazelnut mouse cake:


For Luv (speaking of chocolate) – I didn’t think you would like a cake; too pretentious, too much work. Not that you would ever be pretentious, or a lot of work, but you are a little chocolaty and I did like that. So I am giving you these yummy Guinness brownies. If you had been a good boy I would have made them for real with a little special ingredient thrown in. Now you can make them your damn self:


For Anurag – Fruit cake. You are a doctor, you have to set an example of good dietary habits. If you are a good boy, I will actually make you a real cake of your choosing – that’s what friends are really for.


For my dad and my stepdad – what’s worse than sharing your birthday with your brother or daughter? Sharing it with your wife’s ex-husband.  Here is something else you will both enjoy…..I see a pattern here….


For Amy – Virtual reality is the only place that I will ever be able to make a prettier cake than you:


For – Ethan you are easy in so many ways. Some of them I probably shouldn’t discuss on my blog. For you, a Steampunk cake, you Punk!


For Mike, Mike and Larry – does it need explanation?


For Sharanya – I still think you should have arrived on an elephant to your wedding reception:


For Nyasha –  My India wife. I know you were a New Years baby and technically you missed the February birthing seasons, but I just had to share. I smile every time I see that picture of you in the hotel room with bags over your hennaed hands and a wine glass with the straw. You were the best arranged marriage any girl could hope for.


For Shefali – I know we don’t really hang out, but you were on my list from last year and you provide a great opportunity for some variety in my ever popular Birthday Cake post…like this Yogurt, Fruit Ice Cream Cake. Plus, you know….happy birthday. 🙂


Last, but never least, For Suraj – Dude! You are so hard (and I don’t mean that in a sexual way). I thought about the R2D2 Cake, the iPhone cake (apparently the MS Surface has not been released in Cake Version 1.0 yet), the Metallica cake was a little too trashy and the coin cakes were too boring. But finally, I found something you could really sink your teeth into –  The Zombie cake with Jello Brains:


For those the others I might have missed this year, I’ve been looking for a proper place to share these:


18999629648035880_HtSMpkNu_cHappy Birthday to all of you. 


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