Summertime, and the Living is Easy

Yesterday was the annual Eastside End of Summer Block Party. Although I live on the North Eastside, the South-enders are always kind enough to invite me. I bring Chocolate.

Sometimes people ask why I have lived here so long. The truth is, because it’s easy. Frighteningly easy. It’s easy to make friends, you can leave your doors unlocked, and, of course, there is always great food. We make home made goodies and pass around recipes we got from Bitchen’ Kitchen.

No body cares if you are young or old, catholic-vegetarian or meat-eating-atheist, handicapped or not, a good cook or a good eater. People in general are just, well….nice.

I promise to post this recipe for corn salad as soon I get it from G. It was AMAZING.

It’s as if we are the Oly version of Stepford, only it’s not scary. Our children are smart and willing done shirts with Haiku poetry on them.  For those of you who can’t quite see it, it says:

Haiku’s are easy

But sometimes they don’t make sense


they are adorable, well behaved and clean….honestly, this is not photo-shopped.

We grill veggies instead of factory processed hot dogs and steaks from hormone plumped cows.

We use really greens.

Ok, so we have our vices – home made bread and jam. BB even brought out her famously tart Key Lime Pie with home made not-too-sweet whipped cream, but it was gone before I got a picture of it.

After the naps, we started a fire and sat around it drinking wine and eating chocolate late into the night, until it started to rain on us.  All in all, it was an easy summer Sunday. Is it any wonder why we are the Hippest Town in the West?

So, next time you’re in the hood stop by, and remember:


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