Kolkata Cuisine

Well, I thought I would take a little break from this blog, but this just belongs here. My son and my mid-west cousins don’t really care about food in Kolkata, however some of you might.

So, I was browsing around, looking up things to do in Kolkata and I came across this lovely little article which told me about all the best places to buy pot, make out, hire a prostitute and eat. Do I trust the food?

I don’t know, but they recommended this and I feel it may be necessary to make a stop:

Started as Olympia Bar and Restaurant in 1947 and reborn as Oly Pub in 1981, is lovingly called just Oly by some. Famous for its beef steak, and the meeting of thirsty minds, it’s the cheap watering-hole on Park Street a first-time visitor to Kolkata may hear no end of and may even get dragged to.

Take a look at the slideshow link below Olyfriends and tell me that, aside from all the Desi boys, this doesn’t look like it could be transplanted to 5th Ave. downtown. Perhaps it’s a portal between Oly and Kolkata (Shit, that seems like an easier way to travel.) Apparently, Olypub is famous for their Beefsteak and Thunderbolt beer. http://kolkata.burrp.com/listing-photo/olypub_park-street_kolkata_bars-pubs-restaurants/2fu_uod

I found a few other places to eat from Finely Chopped in Kolkata:

*Phuchkas – no sweet water please – New Market, Dakshinapan, South City mall and frankly any place where you see phuchka guys surrounded by many customers

*Rolls: Badshah at New Market for mutton. Kusum at Park Street for egg chicken. Always ask for fried onions and no sauce

*Moghlai…Shiraz, Mallick Bazar Park Street – Mutton Biryani, chicken chaap, rezala

*Bengali traditional: Kewpies.

*Bengali Opar Bangla – Kasturi, Free School Street

*Bengali avant garde – Bohemian, Bondel Road

*Kolkata Chinese: Jimmy’s Kitchen – hakka noodles, char siu pork, pan fried noodles, chilli chicken

*Drinking plus pub food – Oly Pub

*Old School Kolkata Continental – Mocambo (devilled crabs, Betki a al Diana).

*Confectioneries – Flurys rum balls and strawberry cubes, Kookie Jar – lemon tarts (best I have ever had)

*‘Heritage’ British Raj breakfast – Flurys and then browse though Oxford Book Store

*Ice tea – Dolly’s Tea Shop, Dakshinapan

*Cold cuts at Kalman, Free School Street

So, this left me with a few questions: 1) What are Phuchkas? Turns out, it’s a kind of Pani Puri (YUM!)

2) What is ‘avant garde’ food (I would think that I should know this…) ? Well I am determined to find out for myself…http://www.finelychopped.net/2011/09/bohemian-bengalis-bohemian-bondel-road.html

Travel blog: http://indiaaria.blogspot.com/


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