You might have noticed that this blog is not so much about food, but about our social approaches to food. Food, if you think about it, is one of our primary interfaces with the rest of the world. It is not so apparent to us in a technological society, but go to a place where it’s scarce and you will find a different opinion. Go to a place where finding food means facing adversity and you will find a reverence for the experience.

I talk a lot about personal relationships, not because I aspire to be a self-help guru, but because it is fascinating to me to explore how our intimate relationships affect, define, support or destroy our concepts of social-self and vice-versa. Often we make what is called a fundamental attribution error, which is to take the attributes of a situation and ascribe them to being the attributes of a person. I watched this video below and I encourage you all to take a minute and watch it too. Then ask yourself some questions about the ways that you face adversity in your life.

Because, I think, like JJ, we see adversity in our lives as unwanted. Instead, we like to think we ‘choose’ challenges. But how can you choose adversity when by it’s very nature it  is something that is thrust upon you? Unwanted. What we more often choose is to walk away from it, hide from it, hide it, or deny it.

The JJ’s of the world will never choose my “adversities” or “disabilities” because they determine the value of their relationships by weighing what is “good” and what is “bad” rather than asking themselves what they can learn from it. When people fear they lack strength to deal with conflict, they look for surplus strength in others. And they believe that it comes in packages of never-ending self-assurance, casual confidence and a complete lack of tears. When you watch this woman you will see that she is often on the verge of tears, but it does not diminish her frank discussion of what strength is, nor does it diminish her own projection of strength.

What she is asking it to re-imagine your vocabulary, your concepts of conflict, strength, value, and disability. I asked you all yesterday if technology design is integral to our happiness. Today I’m going to ask you if adversity is…

I have thought about my own ‘disability’ and I wonder sometimes if taking medications is the right choice. It is a social choice. There are some things about it that I don’t like to give up, no matter how strange it might sound to the rest of you. After all:  Who can feel the sublime emotions of seemingly the whole world, flowing through them as if you are the receptor of all the passion of humanity? Do you ever feel so profoundly, those moments of pride, happiness, accomplishment, pain, anger, fear that everyone lives for only because someone turned on the flashing lights of a fire alarm?

Who can touch a door knob and not feel the surface but feel like the surface? Do you know what it’s like to have that metallic sensation radiate through your fingertips, across your body until you feel silver-skinned yourself, as if that touch has imparted to you the experience of another way of being?

Who can see music?

I think Epilpesy rocks…


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