How to Cook the Perfect Day

The side walks radiate back the summer sun, now that is has dipped below the horizon, leaving a violet shroud of diaphanous darkness. I light my Japanese lantern; a beacon; a ground star. My bare feet gather the cement summer rays and in tree-shade of my garden I putter toward my little flower-children, a drink for me in one hand, a drink for them in the other. It is already dark and cold under leafy haired trees and in the moist, loamy dirt. Half hidden in the darkness, a tree house, some toys and a tire swing swaying gently; abandoned for bedtime.

I put down my water-can and around my wrist I twirl the rope and fasten my hammock tight. A bowline will do, it’s the strongest, most dependable knot. My hammock smell like the sea, musty. Once damp but now dry. It smells like my little boat that used to rock back and fourth.

I sway. The tire swing sways. The Willow sways with me and the moon glitters through it’s leaves. Even through the noise of the passing cars I hear the silence of summer time. Even through the city lights the stars begin to peek out.


A wonderful cook book by my neighbor, Nikki McClure. How To Cook The Perfect Day – Cook Book Adventure

This beautiful gift book is filled with recipes and artwork to help inspire the perfect day.

The book opens with the suggestion of a morning forage in the great outdoors instead of in the kitchen pantry for whatever readers can find to nibble on.

A recipe for peaches and waffles follows—a breakfast treat. Recipes for a lovely gingerbread cake, a curry potluck, and a celestial apple pie are all accompanied by Nikki’s papercuts.

Printed with partially recylced paper, from mixed-sources of well-managed forests and controlled sources of recycled wood and fiber.

$15.95 at


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