I’ve Been Bible Thumped Before…

Another failed attempt at re-blogging… I got this in my in-box right after getting thumped myself.

I’ve Been Bible Thumped Before…

by jeremiahstephen

“One should examine oneself for a very long time before thinking of condemning others.” ~ Moliere

For quite a long time in my life I’ve felt drawn toward the hidden truths and underlying beauty of all things mysterious. I’ve questioned everything more than once, and have yet to come upon any certainties in life, other than birth and death of course. Somewhere along the line I learned to relax this quest and enjoy the path. By becoming aware of the journey I find less restlessness than that which comes when searching for ultimate perfection or the answers to life’s many riddles.

This is my path, and only I can walk it. In doing so, I give respect to all travelers no matter the road they take. I would love to have this respect returned, and though many times it has been I do not expect it. This was made abundantly clear to me the other day.

As I walked to my car from the grocery store I was approached by a man handing out flyers. He began to speak and asked me about Jesus. I politely said no thank you and opened my door. He stared at me with an odd look then said, “Enjoy the heat.”

I assume this platitude meant “Go to hell.” I also assume that the man wanted me to respond as he stood there staring, nevertheless I smiled, waved and wished him all the best. He then extended his middle finger. I then laughed.

This occurrence also reminded me of a time when I was at my college campus and a man was handing out Bibles. My Muslim friend was offered one and he politely said “No thank you, I’m a Muslim.” The man then replied and said, ‘Well, then you need this more than anyone.” Again, another lovely platitude.

I always find it incredibly ridiculous that those who seemed to be so devout to their religion are the very people that are, in fact, so far from its true essence. To so quickly judge and condemn another because of his belief is part of no religion, it is only a part of human arrogance and ignorance.

For me, these men symbolize the underlying problem with humanity and the reasons why so many are lost in this world. They seek vanity and indulgence and hide behind the cross or the pulpit. They talk only to hear their own voice, and have no fruitful message to spread. They are quick to judge and condemn, and have no interest in spreading peace. When has condemning another ever been considered to be spreading peace? Despite all this I know inside they weep, and they are lost.

Seeking peace is noble, loving God is noble, loving neighbors as they are is noble, yet these virtues are hardly practiced by the vast majority of supposedly devout religious followers. I digress….

In the end, no matter the path, we must have respect for all travelers. Travel well everyone.



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