Cha Cha

I’ve given up on feeling like any of my relationships are ‘making progress’. I know I will never be content. I don’t want to be content, I want love someone and be loved. This entails some dis-content and I am fine with that. It is, after all, the combination of tension and coordination that makes the dance so much fun. It is the process of learning together, the practice, that makes the performance so worthwhile.

Come dance with me, we can step on each other’s toes, we might learn to work together after enough practice, and with any luck we’ll end up hot, sweaty and exhausted with a smile on our faces.


Winner 2002 Gourmand World Cookbook Award for Best Photography/Illustration! Professional ballerina and Le Cordon Bleu chef Linda Hymes marries the culinary and performing arts with over 100 easy to prepare recipes. Clear and concise step-by-step instructions create casual yet elegant meals that rely on healthy ingredients and vibrant spices. This unique book is a must for every cookbook lover!


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