It’s The Water

It’s June-uary in Washington. A balmy 50 degrees this morning. My mid-west cousins asked me once how I could live in a place with earthquakes, rain, tsunami’s, and volcano’s, as they show me around their tornado cellars. Doesn’t is scare me? Although I don’t remember there being a volcano in Olympia, there is no denying the rain. This post is really for them today.

But it’s been a long times since they have been out to see the real Oly and surrounds. Like many places in the world, it is all of these harsh, dark and mysterious things that make it beautiful. Anyway, None of these other threats will really matter, because, like Venice, we are drowning…No one really seems to care, we prefer to come down and watch our slow demise. It adds a tinge of tragedy to our bleak beauty.

We are about as ‘sea-level’ as you can get. Ok, so maybe we are a good six inches above.

All these terrible, apocalyptic things can’t be what makes Oly the Hippest Town in the West…maybe it really is the water…..

Toliva Shoal

A not-so-great day for sailing

Those are not volcano’s in the background

My neighbor

It could be the scenery…

Play day

A day at the beach

Or the scene…

Exercising our right to free speech (even if it’s silently), every Friday since 1988.

The show I regretfully missed

All though all of these things are really convincing, it might just be as simple as this:

Come on out and visit ladies – I’ll make dinner.


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