Celestial Ceviche

Happy Solstice! Yes, it’s that fun, favorite ancient holiday today. This was (and still is) a particularly important day for the Mayan timekeepers. Their cities were literally calendars; their fields and foods revolved on the wheel of time. Today I find myself wishing I was in Tulum. If you have never been, it is well worth the visit. The place to stay is in Playa Del Carmen on what is know as the Mayan (or Mexican) Riveria. It is cheap, quaint and far from the maddening crowds of Cancun.

Overlooking delicious sandy beaches and bathed in Yucatan sunshine, Tulum is just one of the cities where they Mayans would count down like Dick Clark in Time Square on New Year’s Eve – except it was warmer.

the Summer Solstice, which was a very important date, would have been celebrated at the ceremonial centres (in Belize) of nearby Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, Caracol and in Guatemala at Tikal, as well as at the Maya temple of Tunichilen in the Chaa Creek nature reserve. So our celebrations on June 21 represent a continuum encompassing thousands of years,” Mr Waight said.

Temple at Tulum

The Summer Solstice, also considered to be the first day of summer, falls on June 21 in the northern hemisphere, making it the longest day of the year. Conversely June 21 in the southern hemisphere is the winter solstice, with the shortest day of the year.

City of Tulum

While many cultures mark and celebrate the solstices, the ancient Maya, the most accomplished astronomers of ancient time, pin pointed it and other celestial events with astounding accuracy and charted the positions of planets and other celestial bodies well into the future.

Temple carvings

“They would have had a very good idea of what our sky will look like on the evening of June 21 2012,” Mr Waight said and added that while any summer solstice would have been important to the ancient Maya, all celestial events during 2012 would have taken on an added significance.

The beach at Tulum

“This would have been the last summer solstice of that cycle of the Maya Long Count, an event thousands of years in the making, so we can be certain that the Maya celebrations would have been extra exuberant, and we want to capture the respect and the excitement that would have been shown right here at Chaa Creek,” he said. – http://www.sfgate.com

I know all you doomsday fans out there are just waiting for the end of the world. Bad news. It’s simply the end of a calendar. I say forget about the rapture and find your own at the bottom of a Margarita glass. Try it with some of these lovely recipes from Chef Idela Tzib Kuh.


Enjoy the zesty flavor and aroma of this easy to make “fresh ceviche.” Its rich nutrition value increases if you use vine-ripe tomatoes, organic grown onion and cilantro; plus, juicy mature limes.  This recipe add lots of vitamin C, antioxidants, and potassium to your diet. Take the time to buy the best ingredients and be rewarded with an amazing tasty salad, just chill and enjoy. Add fresh celery to enhance the recipe’s color, texture and taste.

Shrimp Mayan Ceviche

  • 1 lb. of lightly cooked jumbo shrimps (clean and peel with care)
  • Two ripe organic limes (use juice only)
  • One small organic red onion peeled cut in small chunks
  • Three vine-ripe red tomatoes (sliced in wedges)
  • 1/3 cup of chopped organic cilantro leaves (wash leaves with care!)
  • Pinch of freshly crushed black pepper
  • Pinch of crushed sea salt
  • Pinch of red cayenne chili
  • A light splash of pure Acorn Squash Oil (use virgin pure olive oil as substitute)

*Optional:  Fresh Habanero Chile minced if you enjoy hot Maya taste and zest.
Fresh uncooked celery slices for added texture and taste.
How to Prepare lightly cooked jumbo shrimp:  Bring to a rapid boil 2 pints of water, add a pinch of sea salt and the uncooked clean shrimp; when their shell turns into a light pink color take them out to cool then peel with care to take tail shell out but not the tail fins (this will make your plate look really gourmet).  Set aside to chill.

How to Prepare the Ceviche:  Wash vegetable with care, cut place all ingredients in a chilled clay bowl (crystal bowl will do) and gently mix them to coat each ingredient.  Cover the ceviche and refrigerate to enhance its flavor.  Enjoy with crackers or fill in avocado halves for a truly attractive salad serving.

Nothing beats food craving like a fresh organic avocado treat does!  Ancient Maya knew this fruit had calming, satisfying properties; nowadays, scientists tell us that avocadoes are loaded with nutritional value.  With monounsaturated fat, potassium, and vitamins, this rich velvety fruit’s texture calms any stressed moment.  Here is Mayan assistant  own stress-busting salad: 

Fresh Avocado Salad

  • One large ripe organic avocado peeled and cubed (your choice)
  • One ripe organic lime juice (can be substituted with lemon juice)
  • One petit organic red onion peeled and chunked (or half a regular size)
  • Pinch of crushed sea salt
  • Pinch of dried red chili or cayenne
  • A splash of pure Acorn Squash Oil (use virgin pure olive oil as substitute)

How to Prepare:  Place all ingredients in a chilled clay bowl (crystal bowl will do) and gently mix them to coat avocado cubes and onion chunks.  Place the avocado seed in center to avoid fruit burn; cover salad and refrigerate it.  Enjoy with grilled fish, poultry, or as mini-cube treat snacks with crackers.


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    • Happy Birthday! Drink up. 🙂 I didn’t realize it was on the summer solstice! Now it will be easier to remember. I think I need a personal secretary to keep up with all these dates. And a maid….and a gardener….

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