Sic transit gloria mundi

I think a lot these days about symbiosis. Symbiosis in relationships is extremely important. Those who are afraid to entwine themselves with others do not generally thrive emotionally. Their personal growth becomes stunted, they become ingrained with a repetitive pattern of responses to a partner (s) which limits their ability to remain emotionally flexible and to grow in a way that compliments their relationship environments.

Symbiosis is important for all of our environment because it is the basis and nature of the Universe. If you do not embrace your symbiotic nature, if you worship your independence and pretend you are in control, you will become your own best enemy.

We are who we are, homo sapien sapien, in very large part because of our food environment. “The nutritional requirements of contemporary humans represent the end-result of dietary interactions between our ancestral species and their environments extending back to the origins of life on earth.” –  S. Boyd Eaton, MD and Stanley B. Eaton III.  ‘You are what you eat’ is one of the most succinct and profound statements ever made. We are what we eat chemically, historically, spiritually and biologically. What will happen to us when we separate our selves from our innate nature as part of a larger part? What will happen to our evolutionary capacity as we separate ourselves from our food? What will teeth that have evolved to eat Doritos look like?

A wonderful and curious book by George Greenstein. I have a copy of this book which I try to read once every few years to remind myself to let my intuitive tendrils explore where they will; to not be married to a program or to expectations but to let life express it’s self through me, pass through me in all of it’s glory.


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