It’s Fancy Time

My friend and I have what we call Fancy Time. This is when you dress up….in your pajamas… and drink. You lounge around in lawn chairs in the back yard, or on the front porch to converse with the neighbor, you sit on the kitchen counter waiting for dinner to be done…or, if you are feeling ambitious, you imagine you were smart enough to come up with My Drunk Kitchen and discuss what recipes you would make in the Easy Bake Oven.

Although I must protect the anonymity of the participants, I have to say, the special chocolate truffles made our Fancy Time this weekend extra fancy. I got them from a friend for my birthday. Perhaps I should have skipped the eggs for breakfast and share that recipe with JJ – I know he would have appreciated it.

In lieu of chocolate truffles, I will recommend some fancy drinks for your own Fancy Time.


A summer evening favorite in the PNW.

Washington Apple

  • 1 ounce(s) Crown Royal Deluxe
  • 1/4 ounce(s) Smirnoff Green Apple Flavored Vodka

Add Crown Royal Deluxe and Smirnoff Green Apple Flavored Vodka. Shake with ice and pour into glass.

For those long, wet, Washington winter days (from September 15th to July 5th)

Dark & Stormy
2 oz Gosling’s® Black Seal rum
4 oz ginger beer
Mix ingredients together in an old-fashioned glass over cracked ice, and serve.

Finally, one for my friend – he knows who he is. Sip slowly, young padawan. 


1 oz Light Rum
1 oz Anejo Rum
1/4 oz 151 Proof Rum
1/2 oz Apricot Brandy
1 oz Pineapple Juice
1 oz Lime Juice
2 oz Orange Juice
1 cup Crushed Ice
1 tsp Superfine Sugar
Garnish: cherry, orange slice, mint sprig
Glassware: Cocktail Glass

Blend all the ingredients at low speed in blender and strain into Collins glass. Garnish with the fruits and mint sprig. Serve with a straw.


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