Dog Days

As I was driving up to Seattle with my son the other day he piped up from the back seat, “Hey Mom….Hooters! Do you think we could go there some time?”

I was a bit startled, to say the least. Hooters?

“What do you think is there?” I asked.

“You know hotdogs and french fries and pictures of Owls and stuff….”

“Oh. Well, actually they have really bad food and waitresses in skimpy outfits with their boobs hanging out. No owls. Sorry.”

There was a pause.

“Then why does my cousin get to go there?”

His cousin is 10. Someone should have a talk with his parents.


The dog days of summer are coming and hot dogs are not always such a bad thing. How about a Thai style hot dog with mango relish, cucumber, red onion, cilantro, crushed peanuts, fish sauce. Or perhaps a Korean style dog with Kimchi and seaweed flakes. I might even wrap my veggie dog in nori top it with Hawaiian Poke and serve it with a good beer.

Check out Asiadogs.


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