Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Isn’t this often the case in everyone’s lives – loosing site of more important things because you become so engrossed in the moment? JJ told me I should be more “detached”  once, and I think he may have been talking about this: stepping away from the immediate situation (which I understand). But “detachment” is not what will bring about a sustainable resolution. No, in fact I might suggest that when you get into situations where you are overwhelmed by the details, you are already detached from the impact your actions in that immediate situation have on a larger scale. In this case, pulling away, or detachment, just made trust harder. He told me that when his ex-girlfriend walked away when he was feeling confused, pissy, whatever, it “worked” for him. I say they bought cheap, took the easy way, the path of immediate relief and satisfaction. I say she may not have been considering his feelings, but cared more for her own. I suggest that maybe she did not imagine the impact of her actions and eventually the whole thing came crashing down. They ultimately detached for good. She is, after all, his EX girlfriend. I would not recommend detachment to you all, I would recommend perspective, maybe reassessment. I might even recommend consulting a 7-10 year old. They are wise.

This is the case when we are shopping for food too. That price on tomatoes looks pretty damn good, but we don’t consider the impact on the environment, the economy or on our health when we purchase shit food. We detach our actions of the moment from the consequences, pretending that, just this once, it will be okay. Making a choice based on our immediate needs will do no harm. We do not see the forest for the trees. When we make the cheap, easy decisions we are not sustainable. The balance in relationships that our environment, economy and health have are crashing down due to the choices we have made for immediate self-satisfaction and unwillingness to deal with the larger issues, because they require more effort. Putting off work is easy, it doesn’t mean it is the best choice in the long run.

Last night I was arguing with my son about his home work. He said he didn’t have room on the sheet he had for the rest of his spelling words. “Just get another piece of paper and write them out,” I growled, “I have to cook dinner.”

He came and shook the paper he had at me, put his forehead up against mine and said (no lie, it’s an exact quote), “Mom, what is more important? Using trees for spelling or using trees for breathing?”


I was schooled.


Just as we should cultivate more gentle and peaceful relations with our fellow human beings, we should also extend that same kind of attitude towards the natural environment. Morally speaking, we should be concerned for our whole environment. ~Dalai Lama


Pine Needle Tea (Orgin of Recipe : Offered by Rebecca Rangel … who learned this from her Chumash Indian Grandmother in-law)

  • Needles from yellow pine
  • flowers from yellow pine
  • candles from yellow pine

Crush and snip needles, flowers, and pine candles. Meantime, boil a pot of water. Place pine in boiling water, cover, and remove from heat. Let steep from 20 minutes to all night. What you don’t drink hot, refrigerate for a cold, refreshing drink.Experiment with proportions of pine needles to water. The best tea will be a nice reddish color, and a small amount of oil will rise to the top.

This recipe makes a beautiful red tea, with a mild, pleasant taste. You can sweeten with honey if desired. If you drink this tea every day, it can relieve mild depression. Good for allergies too.

Note: If desired, you can simmer the tea awhile. It will be very strong, but will probably contain less vitamin C. Prepared this way, it is said to be good for coughs. It is also supposed to flush kidneys, although I have not noticed this effect.

Warning:I was looking at the recipes and noticed pine needles, upon looking at the recipe I strongly felt the need to add a caution to this recipe; pregnant women must NOT use this as pine needles will cause “abortion” this also happens in cows, when they eat the pine needles they will drop their calf’s (dead) within a couple of days if not hours. Please add this caution.


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