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I just wanted  to put up a quick update for those of you that I see on my stats page with the tag “epilepsy”. I don’t really know who you are, but I know what you are looking for. You are looking for answers. Well, I wish I had some for you. I do have a bit of insight though.

I recently took the plunge and changed medications from Lamictal to Keppra. I have changed a lot of my diet and it helped a great deal, but food can only take you so far when you are putting other stuff into your body that is working against you. It’s not that the Lamictal was bad. I helped for a while. But, like many other things in life, you don’t know what will happened when you try something different until you actually try it.

When I was first put on Lamictal, I was amazed at the improvement. My world was a different color, my seizures happened much less frequently. But, slowly, I began to realize that my scale of what is better was completely wrong. Medication interactions were horrible, it didn’t control some triggers, and if I took enough to make really affective I became forgetful, clumsy, foggy and anxious.

Keppra is calm. In fact, I haven’t felt this calm in a long time. Keppra doesn’t make me look like I’m falling all over myself. It doesn’t make me wonder if I might forget my own name. It doesn’t build up in my bones, overwhelm my liver, or make me worry about what other meds it might interact to the point where it feels like someone set off a bomb in my body.

I don’t know that Keppra is your answer. I have gone thorough that terrible experience of trying different meds and hoping that the next one will work better. What I can say is this – it’s your body, take charge, speak up when things aren’t working well, don’t be afraid and don’t give up. And remember, eat good stuff; Kale does not have any drug interactions that I know of.


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