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It inspired Rennisanse art, it gives new meaning to history, it is a property of triangles, it can be experienced by both the sighted and blind, it is particularly common with a change in height or distance, some people have a lot of it and some don’t have much, you can get it from just about anything – happy or terrible, you cannot get rid of it but you change it. What is it?


We all have it and we all need it. There are some people in the world whom I hope will have a perspective modification revelation or experience. There are some people who’s insightful perspectives change mine. I’ve found a good way to get it is to make a change in your life. Try walking where you usually drive, get up close or far away from something, go somewhere, take up painting or try to look through someone else’s eyes.

A camera is nice for perspective too. Here’s a few bits of perspective I have been trying:

Looking at my food differently.

Looking at my over grown yard differently.

Noticing my neighborhood.

Looking at things out of my control differently.

Looking through other peoples eyes.

Looking at time differently.

A little perspective goes a long way.


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