I just wanted to share a bit of food porn with you all.

Terrified Tastebud

Journey through Asia continues with classic Pad Thai, complete with copious cilantro garnish and lime wedges.

Donburi is actually a type of serving bowl, but it also refers to dishes traditionally served in a Donburi bowl. Not at all certain that our bowl was donburi-esque, but the flavors came pretty darn close. Our version consisted of a ball of sticky rice in a broth flavored with kombu, bonito flakes, soy, sugar and sake. A tempura battered shrimp and pepper, scallions, egg strips and fine julienned kombu finished the bowl.

Steamed foldover buns with pork filling and veggie stuffed egg rolls need no explanation.

Tempura battered seasonal vegetables were actually a first for me. This particularly light, lacy, fried batter derives its texture from lower gluten flour, egg yolks, and carbonated water mixed to a thin pancake batter consistency.

An alternate version of green tea ice cream, this time served in…

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