Smarty Pants

I was reading recently about different types of intelligences. This guy, Gardner, has come up with a theory of eight types of intelligences: Linguistic; logical-mathematical; spatial; musical; bodily-kinesthetic; interpersonal; intrapersonal; and naturalist. Now I know a little something about bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, having dance for many years. Women, I think, have it more often than men. Perhaps this is a biological adaptation for giving birth. Men are often said to have more logical-mathematical intelligences, perhaps for determining migration routes and projectile angles for hunting. How these types of intelligences balance in you is interesting, because they are both learned and inherent. Essentially, they are like muscles. Some people are more endowed in some areas and some people compensate by exercising.

It’s kind of a handy thing. If you are not endowed with a genetic predisposition for a particular kind of intelligence, you can still cultivate it. You many feel like you are going against your personal nature, and to some extent you are. But your nature is also that of a human being within whom all of these types of intelligences exist. Perhaps it’s better thought of in another way, that you are going with your human nature which is the same as all nature; to adapt and grow.

I personally think there might be a few others. Metaphorical or mythological intelligence for one. If you look at the whole of human history, religions have played such a large role and those who can think on a symbolic, universal level seem to have a different way of understanding things from the average person. Native American often recognize this way of knowing by structuring their social order to accommodate it. And last, but surely not least, culinary intelligence.

When it comes to culinary intelligence, Danny is the man. He has an amazing sense of kitchen creativity and I was personally quite surprised at what he did with 12 leftover green beans. I bet you will be too.

By the way, if I were veg and wanted to make this work I would think about thin panner slices to wrap these in and a little more salt.


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