The Best Medicine

JJ once attempted to give me a little ‘love-nip’, on the ear I suppose, and grossly miscalculated. Instead he bit me on the cheek so hard it made my cheek bruised and swollen. It was awkward to explain at work the next day. In an attempt to convey affection, we often injure the people we wish least to hurt. Not just when it comes to ‘love-nips’.

I had a long conversation the other day with a friend of mine as we strolled around the beautiful Nisqually Wildlife Nature Preserve.

We enjoyed the nature and talked about the nature of people. Why is it that we hurt people we care about? Sometimes, I think what is even more difficult to understand is when we do our best to avoid hurt and end up doing more damage. Is there any medicine for that? Anything that fixes the follies of people who have tried to be genuine and screwed it up? My friend tells me that he would like to remove every possible impediment to make sure a relationship works for him before he commits. His mother tells him that “what matters most is one’s ability to stretch to problems” and he finds this to be sage advise. So do I. I think it has to start with those things at the beginning that you worry might be an “impediment” and it cannot be forgotten that even the best intentions can have difficult results. Stretch….

After we stretched our legs, we stopped by here – Medicine Creek Winery. They were off enjoying their holiday, so I didn’t get to treat my friend to the wonderful wines. But they are generally open Saturday’s and Sunday’s for tastings and have a marvelous selection of cheeses to accompany them.  947 Old Pacific Hwy SE  –  Olympia, Wa  98513


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