If you have not see the movie Perfume, don’t watch it. It is a lusciously horrid movie set during the French Revolutionary period about a man born with an astounding sense of smell. He roams about France killing young women and distilling down their essence to make the ultimate love perfume. Scent is a very powerful thing, we consume things first with our nose before we ever taste them on our tongue. Smell is a prime factor in someones sexual appeal and what we eat affects the way we smell. People who eat a lot of fast food smell horrible, like left over french fry grease. Meat eaters smell musky and waxy, vegetarians smell like warm bread and pepper, asians smell pleasantly pungent and garlic-yummy, Desi boys smell like chai, like fresh tomatoes and ginger or maybe like Khatta Meeta (a sweet and spicy snack).

It can also take away our sex appeal. When I was sick last year, every thing about me smelled terrible, even my hair. My skin that used to be very soft became dry, my lips became constantly and incurably chapped. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be feeling and smelling like my self again. Our skin is just one of the organs of our bodies that processes out toxins and other stuff we don’t need, including the crap we eat. So much of the damage that we do to our bodies is done from the inside out and we try to mask the consequences with creams, salves, chapstick, and perfumes when we should really be treating it with vegetables, fruits and healthy fats. If you want to smell good, eat lots of honey, ginger and saffron, dust yourself with cinnamon and cardamon.

Food doesn’t just work on the inside of you either, there are plenty of exterior applications. Two of my favorites are oatmeal and aloe. For a little skin food, put about two or three tablespoons of oatmeal and some lavender in cheese cloth and tie it up. Drop it in your bath or take it into the shower with you. When you are finished (if you weren’t too dirty) put it in a plastic bag and store it in the freezer. You can use it a few times this way. If  you are really feeling riot grrrl crafty, you can make them in little ready-to-use pouches was well. Oatmeal is the perfect home remedy for skin aliments like poison ivy, stinging nettles, bee stings, chicken pox and even acne.

Aloe can also be taken inside and out. You can find pure aloe gel for use as a digestive aid at any health food store, but it is also great for your skin. My friend complimented me the other day, saying she thought I looked much younger than I am. Then she said, “but I can’t tell how old you white women are anyway.” We both had a good laugh. I’m not sure, but I guess the oatmeal works.


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