Sharing is Caring

But there was something missing in my soul. I could not share my dinner with him. So, instead I decided to share my recipes with my friends.

I said this last year when I started this blog. It is strangely still true. There is still something missing in my soul. It is the times and the things I shared with a fore mentioned person. I suppose that is because, more often than not, most people like JJ and I let the smallest things get in the way of sharing the best things. My friend and I had a conversation about that ruinous 5% again. He has this problem too. The 5% that doesn’t work in a relationship and gets blown up, pushed out of proportion until it overshadows the 95% that does work. It takes two people to put that 5% monster back in it’s place so that you can enjoy each other’s company again. That monster that scares you away from compassion and sharing. That’s what makes things work anyway, isn’t it? Compassion and sharing. It’s really pretty simple when you think about it.

That whole statement is still true. So I’ll share with you; a little something I wrote a while back. Some of my friends who work in IT appreciated it and it may put a smile on your face too…

Incident title: Windows ILU (I love you) Professional configuration issues and ActiveSync failure

Alert Details    

Impact:      High

Priority:    High/Urgent    

Status:      Open

Category:   Human Resources/Consociation Management

Follow-up: Due ASAP 

Reported errors:

80040e14 Cannot resolve collation conflict for UNION operation.

0x80042256: Synchronization failed because the user aborted connection. This error may occur if a user clicked Stop when the sync was in progress. To resolve this issue, in ActiveSync, click Sync to reinitiate relationship sync process.

0x8000ffff: Synchronization failed. If the problem continues, contact your L.O.V.E. administrator.

Equipment description:  KN-05061970 and LS-02211983 models

Maintenance requests:

On-site system repair is required. May include, but is not limited to, reconfiguration of expectations, implementation of understanding, installation of Compassion hotfix software, new connectivity application and over ride of disconnect options, installation of Wcommit, and download of World2gether Explorer 1.0.  System Restore function is necessary.  This procedure may involve changing your ASS.U.ME settings and enabling your POYB-BP (put on your big-boy pants) application.

Recovering from Windows ILU Professional Related Problems:

Windows ILU Professional related problems typically appear early in the startup/re-start process and symptoms include warning messages, startup failures, and Stop messages. The causes are typically a result of improper emotional configuration, incorrect previous relationship settings, generalized trepidation and skepticism, chronic minor familial malfunctions and/or amour-propre failure.  You can also use the suggestions provided herein for troubleshooting issues that are not directly related to startup/re-start.

Recommended Solutions:

Restore Last Known Good Configuration

To access the Last Known Good Configuration option:

  1. Remove all hostility and doubt from your system, and restart your system.
  2. Press LU2 when prompted.
  3. If Windows ILU Professional starts without displaying a graphic similar to that shown in Figure ILU-2, restart your system. Important: Press LU2 after the Try-2 process completes but before Windows ILU Professional displays Wcommit installation prompt.
  4. On the Windows ILU Advanced Options menu, select Last Known Good Configuration
Figure ILU-2
Open a dialog box with the multilingual user Interface. Updated multilingual troubleshooter:
Windows ILU Professional MUI Pack

The Multilingual Document Consultant in Windows ILU Professional Help and Support Center can assist you in diagnosing and resolving problems with communication or misunderstandings in different languages. The Windows ILU Professional Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI Pack) ensures that most of the operating system user interface, including the Programs menus, alerts and dialog boxes, and the Windows ILU Professional Help and Support Center are speaking the same language.  The Windows ILU Professional MUI Pack allows users to change the language of the operating system user interface to any of the supported localized language versions (including English and Hindi). This version is well suited for users that:

  • Want to deploy and maintain a single operating system standard or relationship worldwide
  • Want to maintain a single code base for inter-cultural relationship applications
  • Want to do single, simultaneous worldwide application for compassion hotfixes, emotional repairs, and friendship maintenance
  • Have multilingual organization where different language speakers must share the system

User requirement caveats and additional assistance: 

Lack of experience in Advanced Options and System Restarts is acceptable. Windows ILU Professional Support Center help desk is accessible 24/7 and on-line and on-site support is provided. You may also contact us at 1-800-588-5683 ext. 52743

If that’s not to your taste, try this:

Sobe Noodles with Shrimp and Shitaki Mushrooms (GF, V, VG)

  • Sobe noodles
  • Shitaki Mushrooms
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Tamari
  • Fish sauce
  • Shrimp, large or small
  • Shallots, chopped
  • Cilantro
  • Lime

Boil your Sobe noodles like normal. For the stir fry, start with the mushrooms and cook for about two minutes before adding the shallots.

Give a shot of Tamari and just a few drops of the fish sauce before you add your garlic and ginger (I like a lot). Shrimp go in last. Toss it around a bit, but don’t over cook.

For a little added spice you could add some red chilies. You can also minus the  fish sauce and replace the shrimp with another variety of mushroom to make this vegetarian.

Serve it over the Sobe noodles with chopped Cilantro and a squeeze of lime on top.


3 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring

  1. Omg… creative brilliance! I teared up, and then I laughed out loud… and then got a craving for noodles and cilantro. Completely appreciated this, and I don’t even have IT background. Love you 😉

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