Don’t Panic

In college we had a little sign that we would post on the outside our door around finals time. It said, “Don’t Panic” in large friendly letters. It helped.

I’ve been keeping a fairly detailed log since I decided that food might help me keep my seizures under control. It has. They have certainly declined in frequency and intensity. I decided the next step was to make a bit of a guinea pig out of myself and see what happens if I ate and/or drank when I felt one coming on.

I hope this is useful information for anyone reading this who has seizures too: Tonight I got that crazy feeling, upset stomach, headache, emotional for no reason. I could see the world starting to look different, farther away and strange, as if I had never been in my kitchen before. I managed to push down a glass of lassie before my brain crashed, hoping that maybe I could keep it from happening. And – (drum roll) – it didn’t work.

But I had written myself a note, just for this occasion – “Don’t panic. You are home. Every thing will be alright in about 20 minutes. Eat food, drink water.” That did seem to help a whole lot. The food and water calmed things right down. The post seizure headache is not nearly as bad, the panic went away pretty quickly and I felt much more in control.

I have a sneaking suspicion that my brain is working on Window’s Vista. Does anyone know where I can exchange it for a MAC brain?


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