Raging Hormones

If you are up on the news at all, there is a raging debate going on right now about contraception. I want to state right up front that I am all for a woman’s right to choose, for birth control, population control and I believe wholeheartedly that insurance companies should be required to provide contraception to women. In fact, I think the government should give it away. Having said that, I have some issues with the types of contraception that are available to women. Like food availability, it is not base on a woman’s well-being, but on profit. Men really only have two choices and neither of them require any real damage to their bodies. Women on the other hand, have to ingest, insert, or other wise absorb chemicals and hormones into their bodies.  And if you think I’m not talking about condoms here, think again. The stuff that is hard on a body is not necessarily on the inside, it’s on the outside.

Having been married, I never really had to worry about birth-control (ha ha). So, when it came time to be concerned only with birth control and not other control, I was not up on the latest and greatest solutions. I soon found out…they were not so great. Granted, I take a medication that does not play well with others, but I was assured by more than one doctor that there was no conflict and that the amount of hormones was so little it would do no harm.

Have you seen the Exorcist? It wasn’t so bad at first, but it got slowly worse and worse. Every time I went back to the doctor they would say, “Oh, this is normal. Your body is just adjusting. It will pass. Here is our DATA to support what we are saying….” and they would hand me the little pamphlet from some drug company. There was a whole host of terrible reactions my body came up with. I became a different person, a crazy person, a woman with chronic PMS. I cried constantly, incessantly, the slightest bit of stress put me over the edge. My seizures got worse and worse and then really fucking bad. I’m quite certain my head spun at least once. And they said,”Oh no, you need to go see your neurologist. It’s not the birth control. Here’s our DATA to support what we are saying….”

And the doctors kept saying, “Oh…no problems…” , the neurologist said, “Oh….no problems…” and I was in no shape to be making rational decisions of any sort. And then there was poor JJ who knew next to nothing about the subject. With sincere concern, all he knew how to say was, “you need to get rid of it.” But those wonderful love hormones that you get at the beginning of a relationship had worn off and been replaced by a does of satan’s synthetic, spermicidal, psychedelic love drug. We were left to fend for ourselves with only our own emotional intelligence skills to rely on. Did they have class about this in boarding school – Emotional Wilderness Survival? I think not. Did our crazy school system ever offer a real class on birth control that mentioned the side-effects of hormones? I wouldn’t bet your red-republican ass on it. No wonder there is such a high divorce rate in this country. No, it was ultimately my live-in pharmacists who pointed out that yellow was not my typical hue. Yes, my lovely chemical cocktail was shutting down my liver. It was so bad, in fact, that I didn’t drink a single glass of wine for almost two months! That’s bad.

So you may be asking yourself what, yet again, is this ladies damn point? This is a food blog!

Well, here it is:







You may be eating this shit. Do you want to know what some of the side effects that you may get to enjoy are? Breast cancer, early puberty and male infertility, just to name a few.

‘The Allies hoped to smuggle estrogen into Hitler’s food and change his sex so he would become more feminine and less aggressive.’ Right...Can you imagine Hitler with PMS?

What we put into our bodies affects us both physically and mentally.

This could be your teenage daughter...

I wanted to look at a few things as they relate to the food we eat, so here are the things I am going to address in this little series: hormones, smoking and drugs,  medication and illnesses, and genetics.

Get ready to get grossed-out in the grocery store….


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