OlyGrrrl au Natural Up-Date

When I was writing my post about the OlyGrrrl au Natural I just couldn’t find an image of a person who radiated the kind of peacefulness that I associate with this stereo-type (because they are real just that). This morning I met Jessica and Gus at the coffee shop. She laughed and said she needed to get out and away from her three year old for a while, so she could come back a better mom. Gus’s chubby smiling cheeks and her happy demeanor told me that she already is a great mom. Those are things that great women say (yes, men too). Not, “you’re driving me nuts and I need time to myself”, but “I need a few minutes to take care of my self so that I can come back better for you.” She may not fit my demographic sketch perfectly, but even in a quick snapshop her, warm and welcoming personality shines through.

Jessica and Gus out on the town


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