Your Pleasure Is Our Passion

The door is half blocked from view by the sloping sidewalk down Legion Way, but tucked away underneath an apartment building is the comfy, cavern-like Adesso Restaurant. With a tag line like “Your pleasure is our passion” it seemed hard to resist giving it a try. It is small enough to feel intimate and large enough not to feel cramped. When we arrived late on a Monday night, dinner was winding down however people still lingered, relaxed and talkative. Bottles of wine and half empty glasses cluttered their tables. Their faces wore the look of satisfaction and I half expected to see someone lean back in their chair a light up a post-encounter cigarette.

The cuisine is Mediterranean, Italian, Greek and Continental ranging from pizza to brazed veal shanks. Like many restaurants in Oly, Adesso touts their organic, local and seasonal dishes. Risotto was what was on the menu to warm up your tummy as the weather turns colder. I was vexed that I had just missed the Chantrell Risotto. However, they had a good selection of seafood as well as meat and pasta dishes, many of which are vegetarian.

Since the Chateaunef from Friday night seemed like it was still on my pallet and I didn’t think I would top it, I opted for their signature Martini instead of wine. Vodka and Limoncello served up with a twist. It was reminiscent of a Lemon Drop but without the bite and the mixer. A very nice choice to go with their delicious, sharp Ceviche appetizer which was served in a Martini glass with a fried flat bread.


Tart, tangy, spicy and fishy, it is a huge serving for an appetizer and was more like a group experience than a one-on-one dish. By the time my dinner arrived I was already feeling close to culinary climax.

Adesso signature Martini.

For dinner I chose the Pasta Carbonera with bacon, onions and garlic sautéed then finished with cream. It was so rich and smoky it was almost overwhelming, like a hot, steamy, breathless sexual encounter. I could taste the quality and freshness of the food in spite of it’s heady heaviness.


My friend chose the Cannelloni stuffed with marinated roasted chicken breast and ricotta mixture, topped with Vodka sauce and mozzarella cheese. It arrived baked and still bubbling. The vodka sauce kept it surprisingly light.

Adesso also caters, has room for private parties and holds events. Their September wine paring featured Walter Decon, a local winery, and a farm to table menu:

1st Course
Seared Scallops with a Washington Apple “Bisque”
Paired with the refreshing and crisp 2010 Viognie

2st Course
Green Bibb Lettuce Wedge served with Wild Mushrooms and Huckleberry Vinaigrette
Paired with the super Tuscan Style 2008 Skookum Red

3rd Course
Braised Bourbon Molasses Beef Short Ribs accompanied with Brocolini
Paired with the 2008  C’est Syrah Beaux

4th Course
Puff Pastry and Brie with Local Berries and Fruit
Paired with the 2008 C’est Syrah Belle

5th Course
Coconut Macaroons provided by Tasty Morsels
and served with Olympia’s Big Truck Espresso, Chocolate Dipping Sauce
Paired with the 2008 Vin A Dessert  ( Port of Syrah)

Sounds heavenly for only $65 a person.

The main draw back to the restaurant is their lack of techno up-keep. Both their blog and their seasonal menu on-line are out of date.  Even though my mushroom Risotto dreams were dashed, I was far from disappointed. All in all, I felt pleasured and satisfied when I left. Too bad I don’t smoke…


109 Legion Way SW
Olympia, WA  98501
(360) 705-2529


2 thoughts on “Your Pleasure Is Our Passion

  1. I felt the same way – why didn’t I know about it? It seems that a lot of their meatless entrees are on their seasonal menus. It’s certainly not a vegetarian heaven, but I felt like it was a good place to bring my veggie friends. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

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