A Super Buffet for the Holiday

Holidays are all about the Potluck. I wanted to share some of the beautiful foods that we got to try.

Lets start with the appetizers:

Eggrolls with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Meat and cheese platter

Main dishes:

A beautiful and delicious smoky ham.

Meat, meat and more meat.

If you didn't get enough meat, there was Gumbo too.

Home made fried rice.

Noodles galore.


Asian noodle salad.

Pasta salad

Pasta salad - variations on a theme.

Everyone’s favorite – Dessert:

No description necessary

Festive cupcakes.

A beautiful bunt cake

Fabulous fudge

The whole dessert scene

My personal favorite - Apple Cheese Cake.

The big picture:

A very long table

A long line to match

We were joined by some old friends.

Thanks to everyone who helped put it all together.

In the spirit of giving, please feel free to post all of your wonderful recipes in the comments section. Wishing you all happy holidays…


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