On the Mark

Have you see the scenes for the credit role at the end of Ocean’s Twelve? Picture this scene, in a classic Bauhaus restaurant, sleek dark paneling on the walls, no windows and in the dim focused lighting you see Brad Pitt in his shiny shirt leaning with casual confidence, one elbow on the chair arm and a swank cocktail in the other. George Clooney is next to him, looking oh so cool, his bow tie untied, ordering a whiskey neat. Where are you? LA? New York? Olympia?

Ok, so maybe Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan don’t hang out at the Mark Olympia, but if they knew about it they might.

In true Oly style The Mark is hipster, hidden and certified organic. I’ve had very few mediocre meals there, but nothing I would ever come close to describing as bad. Their cuisine is simple, rustic Italian. Their mantra is start with good ingredients, end with good food. Their pasta is made fresh, their food stuffs are organic, local, sustainable, free-range, hormone-free and they have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free offerings. Their cheese selection is top notch and their cocktails will make you feel like Katherine Zeta-Jones.

Take your time, like many places in Olympia the services is not meant to be quick. It is also not lacking. You will feel attended to here. Your tall sleek glass of water with no ice and a bit of lemon will never be empty. The charming waitresses will saunter through, tending to your table with a mischievously sweet smile and delicately managing to dip in without breaking your conversation.  The restaurant/gallery space is kept fresh with the rotation of art work by some stunning artists including Thomas Anderson, Alessandro Simonetti and Nikki McClure, just to name a few. Behind a heavy door, almost hidden and  just to the side of the bar, you can slip through to the night club after dinner.

Address: 407 Columbia Street SW, Olympia, WA 98501
Phone: 360.754.4414

Hours: Open – Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings
Serving Dinner Menu: from 5pm to 10pm
Serving Antipasti and Dolce with Full bar: from 5pm to 1am


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