Not what you expected

Just a quick follow-up this morning on my post from yesterday.  I decided to make my mystery recipe. I replaced my veggies with little red potatoes, the sun-dried tomatoes, basil and dried apple slices. Yes, it’s true. I also added a little rosewater to my eggs when I beat them and poured it all into the puff pastry crust to make – you probably guessed it – Quiche!

I pulled it out of the oven and turned around only to come fact to face with a wining little boy.  You know, that loud, high pitched kid-bitch. He was not expecting to like it. I tried to reason, I made gentle threats and then I allowed myself to be bribed with Halloween candy promises – ok, I’ll eat it if I can have a piece of candy after. What the hell.

This morning he asked if there was more. So, I decided to let him say his little bit here about my experiment. I asked him about his thought process last night and he  said it went like this: “I will not like the food that mom made, and then I figured I liked it, because……well, I just tried it. And that’s all. That’s all I have to say about it, mom.”

Someone warned me a few weeks back “to be careful about unwittingly pushing Kai in the direction you wanted him to follow.” Don’t you hate it when you get advise on parenting from someone with no children? There was a part of me that wanted to send that guy to his room just for saying such stupidly obvious things in public. Then I remembered he’s just a child himself.  No, the biggest part of parenting is guiding your children and the best you can hope for is not to indoctrinate them (duh) but to give them skills that will enhance their lives in good ways. Learning to examine your biases, your attractions and your expectations is a good skill to have. So is cooking.

Tomorrow maybe we will try Mr. Mondoy’s recipe for those ingredients.

Red Potatoe, Apple and Basil Quiche


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