No thanks

We all want to know the future, don’t we? Maybe not in all respects, but human beings sure think about it a lot. I watched some stupid Star Trek episode last night about time travel because I didn’t want to think. It just made me think. How many times are we actually living from moment to moment instead of in some supposed glorious future we make up in our heads? How many times do we expect people to be a certain way, only to be disappointed when they are not? How often are we thankful for people for who they are, without expectations of what we think they should be?

Thanksgiving is a great example of this, we plan, we cook, we decorate, we stress about family and friends. We expect it to be something and don’t just let it be. When we plan we stop living and start waiting. Even when we are cooking we are waiting for the meal. Then we eat for half an hour and it’s done. How many times do we try to make some fantastic food for Thanksgiving, only to have it turn out like crap? Last year I didn’t even enjoy making those fucking Latkes. We rarely even stop to think about what it is that we are really celebrating, or what we are doing. Take a minute, think about it…

I mentioned the holidays I am getting rid of, but I left out Thanksgiving because it’s in a category of it’s own. I’ve talked about it before, but this year I’m going to do it. I’m boycotting all the usual Thanksgiving traditions. I’m boycotting the future too. For four days, I am starting my own tradition. I am going spend those four days living in the present moment as much as I possibly can. I’m not going to give thanks for shit this year. I am going to practice being thankful.

If I am making anything this year it is going to be time. Time to cook, time to volunteer, time for my friends. That’s it. No real plans, just time. I’m not going to put in a recipe today, I’ll let you all know if I have a zen moment in the here-and-now eternity of my kitchen and cooked something that turned out unexpectedly great.


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