There is something that has been bugging me for a while. Falsehoods. We all have our social masks, but I’m sure everyone has met people who hide their insecurities behind a facade of overconfidence. I’m sure you have also met those people who, at first blush, seem very simple and it is only after a fashion that you discover their true depths. Let’s face it, first impressions can be hard to break.

As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect-like creature.

I’ve had this experience my self recently, with a few people I know. One of them has been a friend for a while. When we first met, I had a very different impression of him. Turns out, he is way more than I ever suspected.  He’s like a plain, fuzzy brown Caterpillar who turns into a beautiful butterfly. Then there are people (I don’t want to mention names this time, even pseudonyms) who give a poor first impression and you hope for the best. The one’s who try to convince you from the start that they are “descent boys” or who tell you that they “strong, confident women”. The truth is, if they were they wouldn’t feel the need to announce it. They are so insecure that they defend themselves with a big ego, a penchant for detachment and a disingenuous nature. They are like little bugs with hard shells and gooey, gross insides. The Gregor Samsa’s of the world. They evoke your pity and at the same time they pity you for having hopes and kind thoughts for them.

There will be no metamorphosis. There will be no butterfly.

Changing you mind about someone or something is hard. We tend to wait around for people to show us something different. But I think, more often than not, the shift needs to come from within us. It is when we take the chance to explore a new perspective that we open doors to our own metamorphosis.

There is something else that has  been bugging me. Bugs. In many countries they are dinner. In someways it helps me understand the aversion my mid-west cousins have to Oysters and Sushi. If I could only convince them that what they are most afraid of might  just open them to new and wonderful culinary experiences. Not to mention that bugs are healthy, sustainable snacks.  Imagine having Bug-mobiles instead of Taco Trucks.

Will I ever be able to take that step, to move beyond my biases and discomfort, and discover for myself if Tarantulas really taste like soft-shelled crab? Maybe with some Andean Garlic Sauce…

Cambodian street food.


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