Pho Que

When I was young and I had to stay home sick from school my mom sent me to Kim’s house while she was at work. Kim would wrap me up in a thick Korean blanket and feed me lots of soup and ginger. Hence, comfort to me is usually Asian. So, today when I stayed home sick from work I went and  got Pho from Pho Vy and got out my big Korean blanket. Just what the doctor ordered.

For those of you who have never had Pho or had good Pho, I would like to tell you that I believe it to be one of the most perfect foods in the world. It is hot, savory, fresh, spicy, noodly and satisfying. Pho Vy is one of the best Pho places in Olympia (even though it is technically in Lacey). When I got there at 11:00am there was already a little que. The restaurant is nothing special, just your typical strip-mall Vietnamese Restaurant. But it is my gold standard by which I measure all other Pho.

Pho Vy –909 Sleater Kinney Rd. SE, Suite 4, Lacey, WA 98503          


Be warned - this is the small size.

Ok – this is completely disgusting topic for a food blog, I know. But being sick got me thinking about this radio show I heard on NPR the other day about gut worms. The author of this book was discussing what rise in diseases have happened in the last 100 years or so because we in the developed world have essentially gotten rid of worms. Much like when we stop breast feeding or exposing our children to benign bacteria, kids are more likely to get allergies. Our bodies sometimes begin attacking themselves because we have evolved with these little creatures and our own bodies have found a way to use them and keep them in check- take them away and we get sick.

“Why should this be such an amazing idea to me?”, I wondered after listening with my ear glued to the radio.  After all, we use bacteria, fungus and other creepies every day for the most wonderful of foods. Number one, of course is Yeast. But there is also lactobacillus, acidophilus, cheese mold, mushrooms and a whole host of others that make our food good for us.

We have evolved with our food too. It can help with illness just as well if not better than drugs.  Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of the fanatics who believes that all things will be healed by food and nature. I personally take a medication to control seizures. People need intervention when they have cancer. But our bodies are sensitive. When taking medication or taking away good bacteria make us sicker we really should be re-thinking what we are doing to ourselves.

The truth is we need yucky stuff to make good stuff, and there is a lot of good stuff that you don’t need a doctor for. So, next time you have that achy, flu feeling. Try some fresh ginger and honey with hot water, eat some Pho and break out your favorite blanket for a nap.


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