Anyone Can Cook

My tenant has an eating disorder. I feel terrible every time she comes home and I am cooking. She eats the same thing every single day. Every day I make something different. Even if I try to remake it (like the puffs) it comes out different. But, I don’t mind. After he gave me a bit of critique, I asked JJ once if there was anything that he DID like about me and he replied, “you are remaking your life”.  I realized there is no ‘remaking’, only making. Don’t try to re-make the recipes here, make them your own. These are “more like guidelines, really”.

Food Love

Back to my tenants eating disorder. She eats the same thing every day so she won’t lose control. It’s a 12 step program. I began to wonder why the developed world has so many eating disorders. Lots of theories, I’m sure. But certainly, some of it has to be that we have lost a form of creativity when we give our cooking over to Kraft. Creativity feeds our soul.

She came home one night and I was on the couch eating dinner and watching How to Cook Your Life. She sat down and watched it with me and I think it might have done her some good. So, I would like to recommend some movies to you: Chocolat, Big Night, Ratatouille, Julie & Julia, and (obviously) How to Cook Your Life. Forget about Eat, Pray, Love. Julia Roberts has nothing on Julia Child. Cooking and eating have a lot to teach us about the rest our our lives:

  • If you start with good stuff you are more likely to end with good stuff.
  • Things are often better when they are shared.
  • If at first you don’t succeed, try again.
  • Don’t leave things unattended for too long.
  • Be mindful, particularly when you are dealing with sharp things or playing with fire.
  • Remember simple things can be great things.
  • Enjoy.

You are what you do, you are what you eat. You are what you are, so you better just damn well enjoy it.

Here is my 12 Step (give or take a few) program:

Art work by Nikki McClure

Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world


Go make things


Let go

Follow your bliss



Say Yes, Yes, and I will, Yes

Make friends, keep friends

Be kind, be compassionate

Wait. Did I say…..


Now, none of this is easy, of course. When you are in need of therapy, inspiration or just calm – look in your kitchen. You’d be amazed at the wonderful things you can make in there even when you think you don’t have anything in your cupboards. And remember – anyone can cook.


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