Skip and Go Naked

My friend, Beckie Byrne, introduced me to this drink. She and I drink a lot together. We drink so much she started making her own liquor. We’ve even coined a phrase for our drinking time. We like to call it Fancy Time. All that is required for Fancy Time is your pajama’s and a drink in your hand. This way, when you pass out, you’re are prepared.

BB know’s her booze, but when she mentioned this drink my response was not premium. It really doesn’t sound all that great.  Trust BB.

Skip and Go Naked

Beer – I like Jasmine IPA

Vodka – what ever is on sale

Lemonade – what the hell, make it organic you will feel better about your drinking problem

In a pint glass add ice and one shot of Vodka. Fill the glass about 3/4 of the way full with beer and top off the last 1/4 with lemonade. Add a slice of lemon on the side if you are indeed feeling fancy.


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