Trinacria Travesty

A short follow up to my post about Trinacria. I was driving through downtown Oly the other day headed home from picking up my new phone. I had set it in the seat next to me. While I was coming up 4th Ave. it made strange noises. As I rolled up to the stoplight I picked it up and looked but had no idea how to turn on the screen. As I looked down my glasses began slowly sliding down my nose. I glanced up – green light. Glasses falling, phone calling. I glanced back down and BAM. I rear-ended the car in from of me. BMW.

No one was hurt and the damage was limited to a couple bumpers and my pride in my good driving record.

Turns out, the person I hit was the wife of Eugenio, who owns Trinicria. I thought about e-mailing her my post from a few days earlier as a sort of recompense for my careless distractions. Maybe I will, but I wanted to again encourage all of you who are reading this to try Trinicria if you haven’t yet. Not only do they have great food, they are really nice people even when you bang up their Beemer.


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