Dragon Breath Quesadilla

So, I dug around in my refrigerator last night hoping for something vaguely Italian but without pasta. I found some corn tortillas and momentarily thought about Mexican, but that seemed too heavy. I found some curry leaves and for a second considered a nice spicy curry. Too much work. This quesadilla is eventually what I came up with. It was delicious. While eating it I realized, it has other, practical applications as well. Have a teenage daughter and want to keep her away from the boys? Have a headache to night and don’t want your husband asking about….hummm.  This is your solution.  Here is what you need to make one.
Two corn tortillas
Fresh Mozzarella cheese
Herbed or plain goat cheese
1 smallish jalapeño pepper with seeds
Garlic or garlic sauce
Greek yogurt
Fresh pears
Butter or olive oil for cooking

Start by sautéing your garlic in a little butter. Don’t over cook it. Add sliced Mozzarella, chopped Cilantro (I like a lot), your garlic and thin slices of Jalapeño’s to one tortilla. Make sure you add enough for deterrence purposes. I used about a small pepper, about two inches long. On the other tortilla spread the goat cheese generously. Slap them together and heat them on each side in your pan with a little butter. The tortillas should get nice and crispy and the cheese thoroughly melted.

Add a spoonful of yogurt and sliced, fresh pears to your plate to enjoy with your quesadilla. Have a big glass of water and possibly a Riesling nearby.


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